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Basic Information

International Workshop on “Internationalization of Higher Education: Role of Research, Innovation, Quality Assurance and Grants” | December 20-21, 2017

Dissemination, Impact and Quality Reports

International Workshop on “Bologna Process – the European Higher Education Area: ECTS, Mobility, Employability and Internationalization of Indian Higher Education System” | March 2-3, 201

Manipal Higher Education Meet | July 12-14, 2018

Day 1 
Key note by Mr Ulrich Podewils- Contexts and Complexities of Internationalisation in Europe and India
Session 1 by Dr Josef Vochozka- Going Global:  Learnings from Internationalisation of Czech Universities
Session 2 – Activity – Mobilities, Collaborations and Grants: Internationalization in Action
Link: Presentation by Group 8- Research collaborations
Session 3 by Dr Birgit Barden- Internationalisation in Higher Education Institutions. Strengthening the role of International Offices through DIES program (Dialogue in Innovative Higher Education Strategies)


Day 2
Session 1 by Dr Robert Coelen- Changing Landscapes of Internationalisation of Higher Education: Moving beyond theories
Session 2 by Dr Friedrich Lehmann- Transforming Educational Systems- Advent of the Bologna Process and the EHEA
Session 3 by Prof Prabhakar Lavakare- Harmonisation of Indian Universities – A means to Internationalisation or an end in itself?
Session 4 by Prof Kurt Huebner- Internationalization of Universities: Revenue oriented or Pedagogy-Driven?


Day 3
Introductory session by Mr Ulrich Podewils
Link: EHEA: Learnings from the European Experience