International Conference

International Conference

 “EU Higher Education Policy and the Internationalization of Indian Higher Educational System”

July 12-14, 2018 (Indicative dates)

International Conference PIC


Day 1 – 12th July 2018


ECTS and credits’ recognition, Qualification frameworks / Degree structures

Organization of 3 panels discussion, two workshops, one guest lecture and one open discussion.

Participation of experts illustrating the impact of the Bologna Process on the signatory countries. Open floor debate on ECTS and Indian academic credit system.

Day 2 – 13th July 2018


Social Dimension, Mobility, Employability, Education, Research and Innovation.

Organization of one special panels conducted by the Jean Monnet beneficiaries working on EU Higher Education policy.

One guest lecture on the correlation between mobility and employability.

Two panel discussion on Education, networking and Research and Innovation.

One open floor debate on EU-India future cooperation on higher education policy.

Special roundtable discussion dedicated to policy-makers, public stakeholders and universities chancellors concerning problems, and possible solution, for the EU-India academic cooperation.

Day 3 – 14th July 2018

Morning session –

Topics: International openness, Data Collection on the Bologna Process Implementation, Governance of Higher Education, Quality assurance, Transparency tools.

Specific panel discussion for each topic.

Afternoon session –

Topic: the role of Chancellor in the implementation of the Bologna process.

European University Association will chair the session. Aim: explore the impact on the European chancellors in the Bologna implementation process.


  • Enhance awareness in India about EU Higher Education policy;
  • Increase the number of Indian universities interested to harmonized domestic credit system with ECTS system;
  • Provide platform for discussions on harmonization of higher education domestically within India;
  • Involve Indian academics, rectors of the universities, sectorial organization, Jean Monnet beneficiaries and policy makers in the discussions on India-EU education policies;
  • Create awareness of the Jean Monnet action;
  • Promote the mobility of academics and students between EU and India; improve the visibility of EU, the Bologna Process and ECTS in India.