Manipal Higher Education Meet


Day 1, 12 July 2018

Intensive Workshop: Engaging with European Universities: Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Bologna Process and EHEA


The workshop marks the first day of the Manipal Higher Education Meet. The three-day event commences with an intensive workshop that will focus on the different dynamics of working with International Universities. Emphasis will be laid on how the Indian and European institutions interact and recognize each other’s higher education system.

International offices play a key role in the process of internationalization. An increase in international collaborations demands reforms in the way a partnership between two institutions is practiced and upheld. For efficiency and maintenance of long-term partnerships, it has become essential that the international offices acquaint themselves with the education system and polices that the partner institute adheres to.

The workshop led by Bologna Practitioners and International office administrators of different institutes will address day-to-day challenges that arise whilst forming and preserving international collaborations with a solution-oriented approach. Our European partners will help in understanding the workings of the EHEA and a basic understanding of the Bologna Process along with its ensuing developments in the European Higher Education system. While the Indian experts will provide an outline to the Indian education policies and the workings of an Indian International Office.


For the workshop to be truly effective we request participants to prepare their questions relevant to the workshop beforehand so that the workshop concludes with answers instead of more questions.

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Day 2, 13 July 2018

Conference: India-EU dialogue on Internationalization of Higher Education


The conference on India-EU dialogue on Internationalization of Higher Education will be held on 13 July 2018 at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India. The conference is a part of the three-day Manipal Higher Education Meet hosted from 12-14 July 2018 which is being organized under the Erasmus+ 2016-2614 Jean Monnet Project EU higher education policy: The Bologna process and internationalization of Indian universities (Bologna-IN) led by the Department of European Studies.

The conference will enable experts, higher education practitioners and researchers to share best practices in internationalization of higher education by answering questions that have been raised throughout the steady rise of internationalization in India. This broader theme will allow a situational analysis of the Indian higher education system by Indian and European practitioners who have a vast experience in the field. The objective is to assess the development of the educational environment leading to internationalization and subsequently review the notion of harmonization in the light of advancements already made. This will also help in understanding gaps that need catering to in moving forward in the direction of efficient internationalization of Indian institutes and to answer the question whether there really a need is to harmonize the Indian education system. The dynamics and visible success of the Bologna Process in creating a European Higher Education Area will serve as a context to examine issues surrounding harmonization of higher education systems and provide an opportunity for open discussion and cross-examination.



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Day 3, 14 July 2018

Vice Chancellors Conclave: A Policy Dialogue on Harmonization of Indian Higher Education System


Higher education institutes in India and around the globe have adopted internationalization as a priority strategy. As universities move towards gaining global recognition and competences, the theory of harmonisation as a means to aid the process of internationalization has generated much discussion, especially in India. With the Indian education system being sui generis in nature, the question of whether harmonisation should be the next step to ensure efficacious global influence, has garnered divided opinion.

The Vice-Chancellors’ conclave aims to bring the much-debated subject of harmonisation before the leaders of Indian higher education institutes. The objective is to initiate an open dialogue on the three P’s- Policy, Practice and Perspectives. Each of these elements play an important role in shaping the future of the Indian higher education system and inter-institutional collaborations.

This conclave purposes a prospective pathway for universities in the future by concluding with recommendations for enhancement of the current system and educational policies.

The conclave will host 20 Higher Education institute leaders and experts in a closed-door discussion.


To download the event schedule, please click here:Bologna_IN- Program Schedule